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You are blind for 40 minutes everyday
We are blind for 40 minutes everyday due to saccadic masking. A saccade is the term used to describe the quick movement of our eyeballs every time we shift them from one object to another. During the fraction of a second that it takes for our eyes to go between these objects there is a blur, a blur that is so fast it is incomprehensible to our brain.
This blur needs to be removed else we would quickly become disorientated. We remove the blur by simply erasing it from our memory. We fill in the space of time where the blur occurred with an image of the first object. In this sense the blur has been “masked” by the brain, hence the term saccadic masking.
This happens all the time since we’re moving our eyes all the time. It takes a fraction of a second to move our eyes from one object to another. This may seem small but over the course of a day we lose around 40 minutes. This means that at the age of 80, saccadic masking will have caused us to lose 2.1 years of our life! (Source & More Information) (You may also like: Blind Spot)

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Scott Locke // Handmade Collage // 2014

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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

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"Home" Collaboration with Dela Artist, Seth McMahon, Derek Heinemann, and Jonathan Solter.